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Welcome to Heritage Ranch

We welcomed a new addition to Heritage Ranch yesterday and wanted to share it with you! Enjoy!

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Gone With The Wind Heavenly Pie….

 Want to know what happens when you add a dash of Brownie Troop Bake Sale and grated lemon zest to 2 cups of heavy cream and Classic Hollywood? You get Gone With The Wind Heavenly Pie.

Week 4 of our Lost Recipe Series has a truly charming story to go along with it’s equally charming leading man….

“We lived in Southern California in the 1950s. One spring, our Brownie troop was having a bake sale in our front yard. Mom generously baked her own greation, a delicious lemon pie (or heavenly pie) and added it to the selection. Almost immediately, a handsome gentleman pulled up in his little sports car, climbed out and asked to purchase the heavenly pie. Our customer was not only one of our neighbours, he was also Clark Gable! So from that day forward, her pie was always referred to as Mom’s Gone With The Wind Heavenly Pie. With its meringue crust, refreshing lemony, whipped-cream-lightened filling, and topped with more whipped cream, Sandy’s Mother’s pie is truly heavenly.”

Excerpt from Cooks Country Magazine

Recipe by Joy Farler, Bellevie, Washington

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Pineapple Pie – Week 3 of the Lost Recipes

The Blackcurrant Tiramisu from week 2 of our Lost Recipes series was so successful that we ran that recipe for an extra week! Exciting!

So technically week 3 is really week 4…… But we’re calling it week 3 as it’s still only the 3rd recipe. This week we are featuring a Pineapple Pie from 1932. This recipe will be available on our pie shelf from April 24-May 30.

We really love the fact that someone found this recipe in their grandmother’s cookbook. What is your favorite recipe that you have found in old hand-me-down recipe books? If you’d like to see your recipe featured in our series, email us at and we’ll make it for you!

Excerpt & Recipe from Cook’s Country Magazine (one of Bob’s favorites!). Photo is of our vary own Pineapple Pie at Heritage Ranch.

“This recipe was found in my grandmother’s recipe box,” Kris tells us about her unique pie, which has a bright, flavorful filling and a graham cracker crust. The filling’s light texture is also unusual, somewhere between cakey and custdardy, making it easy to eat a whole slice even after the most hearty of meals. Kris doesn’t indicate why her grandmother dated the pie 1932, but we’d guess that it was the year she first made it. Kris notes that because her grandmother experimented a lot when cooking, “no recipe ever turned out the same as the last time she made it.” Even so, you’re sure to agree that this pie is great every time it’s made, especially if it’s served with whipped cream!

Recipe provided by Kris Ruddy, Glendive, Montana

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Unleashed Team Building Experience – New at Heritage Ranch!

 We are very excited to announce the launch of a new and innovative programme, Unleashed Team Building Experience at Heritage Ranch. Our on-site facilitator, Alan Getz, has personally designed the new programme. Below is a short article that describes his experience and the benefits he feels horses can bring to the table when going through a Team Building experience.

Alan Getz grew up on a guest ranch in Langley BC and learned to ride at a young age. By the time he was thirteen he was training horses; it was a natural progression for Getz to become a farrier and, at the age of eighteen, he was racing Standardbred horses at Fraser Downs. His experience helping others and teaching people to ride and communicate with horses eventually led him back to college.  As a certified counselor, Alan worked in drug and alcohol treatment centres, behavioral management centres, and detox centers for both youth and adults. Based on his studies and his experience Alan was certain that horses could be an effective way to help people with addictions and behavior management problems. As it turns out, the recovery rate for conventional treatment centres is a dismal two to four percent; when horses are involved that number jumps to a staggering seventy-six percent.

Getz maintains that the effectiveness of using horses as a tool for helping people easily translates to building stronger teams in a corporate environment. “Teams are made of people and people everywhere have similar challenges with interpersonal skills and interactions”, says Getz.

When team members show vulnerability by admitting their mistakes or show that they need help, it can promote courage, respect and understanding within the team. As a result, conflicts are resolved quickly and occur less often; the team is more committed and subsequently, more productive. According to Getz, “A team must learn to trust each other to be truly effective; when you add great communication and listening skills the team starts to work together more effectively”.

“Horses help the participants to self-assess and then apply the learning to their work”, explains Getz. “In reality the horses are the facilitators and I just interpret the conversation so participants can understand and relate it to themselves and others”.  He shares an example of a team that identified a need to work on improving communication and minimizing conflict. “The horses were able to show me exactly who was involved in the conflict” says Getz. “The simple exercise of grooming and picking up the horse’s feet can reveal where the tension comes from. Most participants finished this task with ease, except for two who displayed their frustration and blamed the horses for not cooperating. I then asked them a few questions about how they respond to frustrating situations in their workplace”. After a classroom session on centering themselves, the same two people were able to complete the task with ease. It turned out these two participants, who were managers in their company, were at odds with the whole team because of their own fear and self-doubt at work. Getz adds “They demonstrated their vulnerability and their team responded with reassurance and understanding. Horses act on pure instinct and as a result are completely honest in their reactions.  We have similar instincts but choose to ignore them most of the time. If we are able to learn from our interaction with horses and apply that learning to the workplace, great things can happen.”

For more details on the Unleashed Team Building Experience at Heritage Ranch visit our website or phone 403-347-4977.

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Lost Recipes

Finding new and interesting items to offer on a menu is always a challenge. Especially when you have the freedom to be creative with an on site baker at your disposal and features that change daily! Because of this, our head chef at the Westlake Grill is always trolling through recipe books and food magazines looking for new things to try out. Over his time at Heritage Ranch, Bob has come across more than a few “heirloom” recipes for baking that, in his words, are Lost Recipes. These are pies and cakes our mothers and grandmothers used to make that he believes newer generations are forgetting about and need to be re-introduced to.

So, starting the month of April, our favourite Ranch Baker will be presenting a line of lost baking recipes from the by gone years. Each week, she will be baking a special kitchen tested heirloom recipe and I will be posting the history and background of each recipe. A very interesting way to reconnect with our roots!

The first week of the month (April 2-8) will feature “Hungarian Apple Raspberry Pie”.

This family recipe goes back to the early 1900′s and came from Hungary with our grandparents. This dessert has graced family tables for many years and is a huge hit with children because of the crunchy cookie like crust and the sweetness of the raspberry jam. The recipe is a popular Hungarian dessert known as pite. Though it is commonly referred to as a cake in Hungary, it is actually more like a tart because of it’s bottom and top crusts and fruit filling in between. Apple is the most popular type of pite, however the addition of berries like raspberry is common. We hope that you will enjoy a slice of Hungarian Heritage!


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Lost Recipes – Week 2

Lost Recipes – Week 2

Our Hungarian Apple Raspberry Pite was very well received last week! We had lots of adventurous souls out there excited to try something a little different for dessert!

In week 2 of the Lost Baking Recipes (April 9-15) we turn to the South of Europe, Italy, the country that has a great romance with food and wine. Bob found this recipe while perusing one of his favourite magazines, loved the family history and just had to taste it! We hope you can make it in to Heritage Ranch to enjoy a piece of Italy with us.

Black Current Tiramisu – Recipe & Excerpt from Cook’s Country Magazine

When it comes to Tiramisu, the image we’ve always pictured is the classic Italian dessert of Marsala – and espresso-soaked ladyfingers layered in a baking dish with mascarpone and grated chocolate. Then we found Anthony’s recipe; he swaps the baking dish for a springform pan for a more cake like version. “This is the first dessert my wife, Angelina, made for me,” Anthony tells us. “We now make it together and experiment with the different flavours. Angelina’s family has shared this recipe for more than 100 years. Tiramisu means ‘pick me up’ in Italian. I think my wife made it for me as she was picking me up, or should I say roping me in!”

-Anthony Diantonio | Sea Isle City, New Jersey

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