Lost Recipes

Finding new and interesting items to offer on a menu is always a challenge. Especially when you have the freedom to be creative with an on site baker at your disposal and features that change daily! Because of this, our head chef at the Westlake Grill is always trolling through recipe books and food magazines looking for new things to try out. Over his time at Heritage Ranch, Bob has come across more than a few “heirloom” recipes for baking that, in his words, are Lost Recipes. These are pies and cakes our mothers and grandmothers used to make that he believes newer generations are forgetting about and need to be re-introduced to.

So, starting the month of April, our favourite Ranch Baker will be presenting a line of lost baking recipes from the by gone years. Each week, she will be baking a special kitchen tested heirloom recipe and I will be posting the history and background of each recipe. A very interesting way to reconnect with our roots!

The first week of the month (April 2-8) will feature “Hungarian Apple Raspberry Pie”.

This family recipe goes back to the early 1900’s and came from Hungary with our grandparents. This dessert has graced family tables for many years and is a huge hit with children because of the crunchy cookie like crust and the sweetness of the raspberry jam. The recipe is a popular Hungarian dessert known as pite. Though it is commonly referred to as a cake in Hungary, it is actually more like a tart because of it’s bottom and top crusts and fruit filling in between. Apple is the most popular type of pite, however the addition of berries like raspberry is common. We hope that you will enjoy a slice of Hungarian Heritage!



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