Gone With The Wind Heavenly Pie….

 Want to know what happens when you add a dash of Brownie Troop Bake Sale and grated lemon zest to 2 cups of heavy cream and Classic Hollywood? You get Gone With The Wind Heavenly Pie.

Week 4 of our Lost Recipe Series has a truly charming story to go along with it’s equally charming leading man….

“We lived in Southern California in the 1950s. One spring, our Brownie troop was having a bake sale in our front yard. Mom generously baked her own greation, a delicious lemon pie (or heavenly pie) and added it to the selection. Almost immediately, a handsome gentleman pulled up in his little sports car, climbed out and asked to purchase the heavenly pie. Our customer was not only one of our neighbours, he was also Clark Gable! So from that day forward, her pie was always referred to as Mom’s Gone With The Wind Heavenly Pie. With its meringue crust, refreshing lemony, whipped-cream-lightened filling, and topped with more whipped cream, Sandy’s Mother’s pie is truly heavenly.”

Excerpt from Cooks Country Magazine

Recipe by Joy Farler, Bellevie, Washington


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